Important Forms to Download

Forms and policies for 2022
Admissions for 2021 are closed.


General Consent Form

It is widely recognized that attendance at school or any school activity, including participation in excursions, games, sporting or other activity at or through the school, and including the use of transport arranged by the school, may entail risks for a learner. Such risks are part and parcel of life and education.  By completing this form, you consent that your child may take part in the various activities offered by the school.


Debit Order

Should you wish to pay your child's school fees with a montly debit order, this form must be completed and returned to the finance office.  The montly payment, payable in 10 equal amounts of R1 575 per month from 1 January to 1 October 2021.


School Fees

The school fee form should be completed by the person responsible for the learner's school fees.  Herein a payment option are to be selected by the responsible person.  Note that the annual school fees are R15 750 per learner for 2021.   Applications for exemption of school fees may be done in person through the finance office.


Application Form 2022

Applications for 2022 open on the 26 February 2021 and close on the 26 March 2021.  Online applications at Then download the form and hand in at school after also readng Appendix A.


Appendix A 2022

This Appendix supplies information about which documentation must accompany the paper application form of the school.


Admissions 2022 Information

Admission critria are stated in this document.  Please read it carefully.


Admissions Policy

As published on the WCED web site - please read carefully.


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