Our New Computer Coding Club

With Computational thinking acknowledged as
the ‘5th C’ of 21st century skills, we believe in preparing your Grade 8 or 9 child during his high school career for the fourth industrial revolution by creating this opportunity to learn core coding skills that are needed for his future.

Our Coding Program for the Next Three Weeks

Through this Scratch-based curriculum, learners understand the fundamental ideas about computers and programming, and develop some basic problem-solving and project design skills.

1. Computer programmes tell the computer precisely what to do in a step-by-step manner.
2. Writing computer programs does not take a heroic effort; it just requires some clear and careful thinking and planning. 
3. Problem solving requires that you understand what a given problem is about, develop some initial ideas for a solution to the problem, refine and revise your ideas through analysis and logical reasoning, and complete your solution through sustained focus and perseverance. 

By the end of the three-week period learners should be able to understand the following components:  

1. SCRATCH Interface

Pull-down menus at the top: set language, save project, share project, file (new, open, save, save as, import project, export sprite, project notes, quit), edit, share, help.

2. Objects

Sprite list: list of your sprites.
Blocks palette: available blocks for programming your sprites or backgrounds.
Paint editor: create or edit costumes and backgrounds.  


3. Movement

Script area: drag blocks in and snap them together to form scripts.
Stage: the place where you see stories, games, or animations play out through sprites’ movements and interactions with each other.  

4. Vocabularly

Incidental vocabulary building through block-based movement and placement.
Building sentences in the form of story telling.
Memorisation of key words for story building.

5. Controls and Action

Runs script  
Sends a message to all sprites, triggering them to do something, and waits until they all finish before continuing with next block.  


6. Storytelling

Learners are able to build a story with more than one sprite
Use different actions/controls to build the story 

Schools/coding clubs that have successfully completed the SCRATCH objectives in a shorter period of time, are able to move onto the CodeJika curriculum that helps learners built their own website for their school.

Using HTML/CSS as a programming language, learners should be able to understand the following components:

1. How to work save a file on desktop using Notepad


2. How to run a ‘5 minute website’


  1. PROGRAM DATES - The 2019 part of the coding club will run from 15 October to
    4 November 2019.  The coding club will continue its activities during 2020.  Additional activities will consists of more coding and robotics projects.  No commitment of learners for 2020 is requested at this stage.
  2. NO COSTS - The project is wholly sponsored by the WCED and Edunova.  Educators provide their time for free for this after-school extra-curricular activity with the computer facilities being offered by Bellville Technical High School.
  3. LIMITED SPACE - Only 20 learners from Grade 8 and 9 are offered this opportunity for 2019.  Larger numbers will be accomodated during 2020 should the project prove to be a success.
  4. COMMITMENT - Learners will commit themselves for 6 to 8 sessions with a duration of 90 minute during the 2019 time period.  On average 2 sessions will be run per week.
  5. DISCIPLINE - any disciplanary issues during the afternoon sessions will lead to immediate termination of the learner's club membership.  The parents of the learner will be informed, but no further recourse for re-instatement of his membership will be possible on any level.
  6. SELECTION - Learners will be selected on a first-come first-serve basis.  Enthusiasm, an apparent interest in coding, robotics, digital electronics and his school disciplinary record will be additional criteria.
  7. FINAL DECISION - The club facilitators will decide which learners will be selected to become members of our new club - their decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Become a member of our exciting new coding club, by following the easy steps below...

  • SEND AN EMAIL- Send an email to coding@bellvilleths.co.za with your child's name, grade and class before 12h00 on Monday 14 October 2019.  You may also use the form below to send the message.  A short motivation on why your child is interested in the club will improve his chances on acceptance.
  • WAIT FOR MEMBERSHIP CONFIRMATION - should your child be accepted as member of the club, you will receive a confirmation email before 19h00 on Monday 14 October 2019.
  • START CODING - successfull candidates meet Tuesday 15 October directly after school at our computer class to register and start with their first coding session.  The first day's activities will conclude at 15h30.  The program for the next three weeks will be finalised duing this session.


We want to create a new generation of motivated children who are lifelong learners and are able to use technology effectively in achieving this outcome.

Edunova is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) that has been working in the education sector in South Africa with a wide range of funding partners since 2004.

Their focus is on the effective use of ICTs in schools,  WCED Directorate eLearning supports this initiative between the school and Edunova for the stablishment of Coding Clubs.


Microsoft partners with CodeJIKA

In line with its global commitment to computer science (CS) education, multinational technology company Microsoft has partnered with South African campaign CodeJIKA to raise awareness and promote the uptake of CS education and coding skills in South African schools.


WCED Sponsored

This project is a collaborative effort supported by WCED eLearning Directorate.

Based on various criteria our school is one of a few schools invited to participate.


C/o Strand & College Road


Phone: 021 948 6951


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